10 Best Flixtor Alternatives – Watch Free Movies & TV in 2024

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Are you looking for the best flixtor alternatives? The sad news is Flixtor went offline without any prior notice back in 2018. If you’ve visited the site recently, you must know something significant—all the sites claiming to be a new Flixtor are a hoax.

And by visiting such websites, you’re putting your privacy at risk. So, yes, all the fun associated with free movies and TV shows is now gone. But it’s not the end of the story.

After putting months of research, we have found some of the most notable alternatives of Flixtor to help you enjoy free movies and TV again!

Before we move to the alternatives, it’s quite essential to know Flixtor and why it went offline.

What is Flixtor, and why did it go offline?

Flixtor was the one-stop destination for watching free TV shows and movies. Flixtor was popular among people because it offered movies and TV shows free of cost and decent quality.

However, due to some unknown reasons, probably due to the pressure from legal authorities, the site was shut down.

Best Alternatives of Flixtor to help you Watch Free Movies & TV

So, now that you know about Flixtor, it’s time to get into something interesting. Flixtor may have gone offline, but we have some cool alternatives to help you stream movies and TV shows. Here you go: –

1. MoviesJoy

 Site: https://www.moviesjoy.net/

Here’s the first and working alternative to Flixtor, known as MoviesJoy. You can easily access a range of TV shows, movies without any hassle.

There are various quality options you can switch to as per your convenience. The quality ranges from ‘CAM’ to 1080p, which is the best available on this platform.

MoviesJoy - Best Flixtor Alternatives
MoviesJoy – Best Flixtor Alternatives

The best thing about MoviesJoy is that you can sort or find movies by genre. It saves you time and unnecessary hassle of going through every movie and selecting the one you like.

You can access over a thousand incredible movies at just a click. However, the subtitles on this platform cannot be configured or turned off. So, you’ll have to watch movies with subtitles on.

Talking about the user experience, it’s quite good. The website is easy to operate and is known to offer high definition content to its users.

The movies are labeled as HD or Cam. So, you can select whichever quality seems better for you.


2. Project Free TV

Site: https://projectfreetv.fun/

Do you love free stuff? Well, Project Free TV offers the same. Project Free TV is another alternative to Flixtor that gives you access to movies and TV shows at absolutely no cost.

You must know that Project Free TV loads its content from third-party websites. It means whenever you have to watch a movie or TV show, you’ll have to visit a third-party website to do so.

Project Free TV - – Best Flixtor Alternatives
Project Free TV – – Best Flixtor Alternatives

The catch is third party websites are known to show ads, which may not be liked by many users. The fact that it loads third-party content, you won’t see Project Free TV vanishing anytime soon.

However, you need to be quite careful about viewing content on third party websites. Make sure that you never download anything as it may contain a virus or malware.


3. Yahoo View

Site: https://view.yahoo.com/

Here’s a legal alternative to Flixtor. It means you can watch and download videos without the fear of using illegal means. The website comes with a built-in video player and lets you view trailers of movies about to come.

Yahoo View is one of the most loved and visited platforms, acting as a perfect alternative to Flixtor. There are tons of movies as well as TV shows available on this site. The best thing is you can download the content with just a click.

Yahoo View – Best Flixtor Alternatives
Yahoo View – Best Flixtor Alternatives

One of the most notable features is, there won’t be many ads. Also, the video’s quality that you want to view automatically switches according to your internet speed. It’s a similar feature that you can find on YouTube too.

Anyone can easily use this website. There is no need for you to find a tutorial. The user interface is quite attractive and comfortable. It’s the reason why Yahoo View is so popular.


4. Tubi TV

Site: https://tubitv.com/

Here comes a versatile replacement or substitute for Flixtor. Tubi TV is a website and application available for android apple devices.

The easy-to-navigate user interface attracts hundreds of thousands of visors to this platform. The movies or TV shows can be sorted according to the genres. Some common genres can be a comedy, horror, sci-fi, war, etc.

Tubi TV Yahoo View – Best Flixtor Alternatives
Tubi TV Yahoo View – Best Flixtor Alternatives

Tubi TV is way more stable than other alternatives and is known for its massive variety of videos. There are tens of thousands of TV shows and movies that will keep you entertained for a long time.


5. Look Movie

Site: https://lookmovie.ag/

Do you hate those irritating ads which pop up every few while you watch movies online?

Well, Look, the movie understands your pain very well. You can access free content on Look Movie without any ads prompting in the middle of the video.

Another feature about Look Movie is that it updates regularly. It means you’re going to find the latest movies on this platform. Also, if you need subtitles, this is your go-to platform. It supports numerous languages other than English.

Look Movie Best Flixtor Alternatives
Look Movie – Best Flixtor Alternatives

Talking about the quality of the video, you can expect the best. You can easily switch between 720p to 1080p resolution. It may take some time to load the better-quality video. However, it’s worth your time.

It’s an excellent platform for movie lovers. If you’re someone with a love for TV shows, you need to move to other options on this page. Look movie has over a thousand movies ranging from classics to the latest hits. So, you’re sure to enjoy the entertainment.

Have you ever waited for a long, long time to load a movie to know it’s not worth it?

Well, a Look movie can save you the effort. There’s a brief description of every movie. You can read the description and determine whether the movie is worth your time or not.


6. Popcorn Time

Site: https://getpopcorntime.is/

Flixtor was a website, and its substitute has to be a website as well. However, we have a fantastic app that does the work for you. It’s known as Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time is a great application that helps you view TV shows and movies.

Popcorn Time - Best Flixtor Alternatives
Popcorn Time – Best Flixtor Alternatives

The applications will show you thousands of Tv shows and movies sourced from popular torrenting sites. You can choose the quality you need and enable or disable the subtitles, and you’re done.

The application is a stable alternative to Flixtor and is available for Linux, Android, Windows, and even iOS devices. Outstanding features and benefits put together into an application for all make it worth mentioning in our list.


7. SubsMovies

Site: https://subsmovies.club/

Now comes the SubsMovies. It’s known for its easy to operate user interface where videos are sorted according to the source and its quality.

This will help you find precisely the movie you’re looking for without bumping into extreme movies or videos. One of the best features which makes it unique is its ability to play the chosen movie or video within the platform.

Subsmovies - Best Flixtor Alternatives
Subsmovies – Best Flixtor Alternatives

So, you don’t have to risk your privacy by visiting third-party websites to play the video or movie. If you have a problem understanding the language of the film you chose, you can easily configure subtitles.

It also allows you to pause the video and translate a particular subtitle into your native language.


8. Watch Series

Site: https://www1.swatchseries.to/

Watch Series brings along a wide range of movies and TV shows. However, you may experience numerous ad popups on your visit to this site.

But worry not, as the pop-ups will not affect or interrupt while you’re streaming your favorite movie or TV show. There’s a solution for keeping the ads away. You can use a VPN service that comes with an adblocker.

Watch Series - Best Flixtor Alternatives
Watch Series – Best Flixtor Alternatives

Such services can not only help you block ads but can provide additional privacy while you’re browsing the content.

You may have to be quite patient while accessing content. It’s because Watch Series will divert or redirect you to a third-party website for viewing the content.

So, a VPN is quite essential while you use any of the Flixtor alternatives on the list.


9. Rakuten TV

Site: https://rakuten.tv/uk/gardens/avod

We’re not sure of whether or not you have heard about Rakuten TV. Well, Rakuten TV has been taking a pretty traditional and straightforward approach. Rakuten TV is there for quite a long time and is steadily becoming a popular streaming place for movies and TV shows.

Rakuten TV has secured agreements from major content providers and is available across 40 countries. However, the location doesn’t matter if you have a VPN doing the job. You can choose from Nord VPN or Expressvpn and switch your location wherever it’s available.

Rakuten TV - Best Flixtor Alternatives
Rakuten TV – Best Flixtor Alternatives

And by doing this, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. You may not find the latest releases, but the site is filled with classic hits and other highly rated Hollywood films.

You’ll find numerous cool movie titles like the Cosmopolis, The Captive, etc. To access Rakuten TV’s content, you need to first register and create an account with them.

Although no payment information is requested, you still need to input your credentials to access the entertainment. Rakuten TV is available as an application for android as well as iOS devices.

Also, you can install the app on your smart TV. It’s a feature that you won’t find with many Flixtor alternatives. Therefore, it’s worth giving a try.


10. Popcornflix

Site: https://www.popcornflix.com/

Now, we have advanced to the last alternative on our list. It’s known as Popcornflix. It’s one of the oldest existing streaming platforms that offer fantastic entertainment.

Popcornflix is known to promise that no film or movie is more than two clicks away. And it’s quite right. It’s because you don’t have to register on this platform to enjoy the content.

Popcorn Flix - Best Flixtor Alternatives
Popcorn Flix – Best Flixtor Alternatives

Please select what you want to view, and it’s done. Yes, it’s that simple. This alternative may not be the best but offers decent service and content compared to premium Flixtor substitutes or alternatives.

You’ll find numerous famous movies and TV shows waiting for you to open and watch them.

Some common movie examples can be Zodiac, Primal Fear, 21 jump street. You’ll also find some independent titles on Popcornflix, making it an even unique and attractive streaming option.


Is it safe to use the above Flixtor alternatives?

We’re done with our list of best alternatives to Flixtor for streaming. Now the question which remains is, is it safe to stream content on the above-listed alternatives.

Well, yes, it is if you take proper precautions before beginning. Some websites cannot be trusted as they send you to third-party websites to view the content.

And this increases the risk. The best thing which you can do before accessing the above websites is to use anti-malware software.

And, on top of the anti-malware software, you should opt for a robust VPN as well.

The VPN is quite essential in hiding your identity and will warn you if you come across shady websites. If you use the above precautions like antivirus, anti-malware, and a strong VPN, it’s completely safe.

Isn’t it illegal to view free content on streaming websites?

Free Streaming websites usually do not buy licenses to make the content available. It means such platforms lack the rights to upload and distribute the content.

Such websites often attract copyright issues from higher authorities. Thus, it’s illegal to view free content from free streaming websites. If you cannot resist using free content on streaming platforms, make sure you’re well protected.

Authorities make use of IP addresses to track the ISP and the user. However, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to hide your identity.


How to choose a streaming site (Guide)?

You should look for some things that you should avoid while looking for a free online streaming website.

Such things will help you play safe and enjoy everything at the same time. Here’s what you should note: –

1. Make sure the online streaming platform never asks for too much information: 

Now, you need to be very careful about this. Never enter your payment information or something which can expose your identity or can cause you a loss.

Avoid any website which asks for additional documents that are more than necessary.

You can always prefer websites that never even ask for registration. Email registration can be fine but don’t give further information on a free live streaming website.

2. Avoid downloading content from third-party websites:

While you’re researching free live streaming websites, you’ll find numerous websites that’ll redirect you to third party websites. Viewing content is okay, but you must avoid downloading content from a third-party website.

It can contain malware or any other type of virus which can infect your device. So, you must avoid visiting a malicious website, let alone downloading something.

3. Make use of anti-malware software: 

Sometimes, you may end up downloading malicious content; in such cases, you need anti-malware software.

At least it will help you detect unwanted things and will save your device from risk.

4. Prefer the website or platform with the least ads: 

Now, this may sound obvious but worth mentioning. Whenever you visit an online streaming website, make sure there are negligible to no ads.

Even if there are ads, they shouldn’t be disturbing you while you’re streaming the content. Otherwise, the experience becomes quite irritating. However, don’t worry if you cannot find a free streaming service without ads.

You can choose a VPN with an ad blocker, which will prevent ads from being displayed on your screen.


Is VPN necessary?

Do you know what a VPN is? If not, we’ll help you out. VPN is a virtual private network with which you can hide your IP address to something anonymous.

It merely changes your virtual location to some “x” place in the world and thus hiding your identity.

While using alternatives to Flixtor, you need to have a good VPN service. If you use one, your location or IP cannot be tracked, and your identity will remain hidden.

In case you’re not using VPN, there’s a high chance of you being tracked either by the agencies or your Internet Service Provider.  The government agencies are always looking for people who use and promote copyrighted material.

So, you need to ensure your safety before accessing the alternatives of Flixtor.

What if the above sites do not open?

This is a common problem but comes with a solution. You may have noticed many of the above listed Flixtor alternatives never seem to open. It’s because they are area or location-specific. However, this problem comes with an easy to implement the solution.

The solution is a VPN. Not only will it keep your identity anonymous, but it’s also capable of changing your location too.

Say, for example, some website is available only in Germany. You can purchase a great VPN to survive like NordVPN and configure your location somewhere in Germany.

This will trick your ISP and the website about your location, and you can enjoy the website from anywhere in the world.


Benefits of using a Premium VPN Service

By now, you would know what VPN is used for. You can enjoy numerous other benefits if you choose a premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

1. Access to Multiple Locations:

Premium VPNs come with premium benefits. If you purchase a trusted VPN provider’s membership, you can tweak thousands of locations by sitting at your home. It means if in your country some content is blocked, you can access that content using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or Nord VPN.

Isn’t that amazing?

2. Maintains Optimum Internet Speed:

Your Internet Service Provider is quite tricky. It automatically lowers the speed of your connection whenever you live stream using streaming websites.

And this may lead to an irritating experience.

However, with a reliable VPN service provider, you can defy the ISP. If he won’t know what you’re doing online, how would he lower the speed?

So, using a good VPN can help you enjoy a fantastic streaming experience.

3. Effectively hides your location & identity:

The most significant concern which might prevent you from accessing free streaming websites is legal action. However, with a good VPN, you can hide and change your location and thus hide your identity.

Free VPN service providers are not as effective as the premium ones. But VPN service providers like Nord VPN and ExpressVPN won’t ever reveal or compromise your identity.

So, by using a good VPN, you can protect yourself from legal actions.


What are some excellent VPNs for Watching free Movies and TV Shows?

You must use the right VPN before enjoying its benefits. Here are some fantastic VPN’s you can choose for browsing live streaming websites: –

1. ExpressVPN:

It’s a fantastic option if you like something very versatile. ExpressVPN helps prevent speed throttling from the Internet Service Providers and helps stream HD content with ease.

It’s available for android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices, which makes it quite versatile.

ExpressVPN - Best VPN for Accessing Flixtor Alternatives
ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Accessing Flixtor Alternatives

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you like it you can keep it otherwise can ask for a refund in 30 days.

2. Nord VPN:

First of all, Nord VPN has one of the largest location bases. It means you can block content in almost every location.

If you visit the website, you’ll find Nord VPN is running an offer where it’s offering the two-year plan at a 68% discount along with up to 2 years of free service.

NordVPN - Best VPN for Accessing Flixtor Alternatives
NordVPN – Best VPN for Accessing Flixtor Alternatives

You can access it using your smartphone or computer device and connect to any servers with ease.

And boom, you can safely access the streaming websites. However, you need a membership before you can use it to the fullest.


Flixtor may no longer be with us, but it never means life’s going to stop. You can cycle through the list of unique alternatives and access free movies and TV shows.

But you must ensure that you take all the precautions to avoid any legal actions. We’ve attached a guide that’ll help you find a good streaming site. Happy free streaming!

We hope this article on the Top 10 Best Alternatives of Flixtor is helpful for you. If the article is useful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media, stay connected with us for future updates. 

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