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As you already know that browsing torrent is illegal. That is why there are most of the torrent websites recommends you to use a VPN. A VPN service does not only protects your activity online. But it also keeps your favorite torrent website alive. As no one will be able to track the website down. So the question is what are the Best VPNs for Torrent?

Well, to help you out with this question, I am going to share a list of the top VPNs application which you can use while browsing torrent websites.

Here is the answer, we have tested more than 100+ VPNs for Torrents, and here I’m writing a detailed review of the best VPNs for your Torrents that you can consider.

So here we go:


Best VPNs for Torrent

We have tested 100+ VPNs and listed the best VPNs that will help you to protect your privacy and hide you from data monitoring usage and unwanted ads.

1. Express VPN

First of all, I have the Express VPN. It is one of the best VPN service providers available out there. With this VPN service, you will be able to defeat content restrictions and censorship to deliver unlimited access to video, music, social media, torrent websites, and so on.

The website can easily bypass any country restriction and allow you to access any website that you wish to. Moreover, the VPN server keeps you secure on the internet. It hides your IP address and encrypts your network data. As a result, no one will be able to see what you are doing online.

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Also, getting started with this VPN service is pretty easy. You can connect to the VPN with just one click. Even the best part of this service that I have liked is that it has apps for different platforms. No matter if you are using a Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or any other device, you will get Express VPN support.

Furthermore, Express VPN has over 160 locations based in 94 countries, and you get unlimited speed. Also, they do have a no-log policy, which means they will not keep any logs.


  • High speeds throughout the server network.
  • Strong encryption, excellent security features, and no leaks.
  • It has been proven no logs for VPN providers.


  • One of the most expensive VPN services.
  • Don’t have phone support.
  • No free trial is available.

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2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is also one of the best VPNs for torrent browsing. This one is secure and offers you an encrypted tunnel for your traffic to flow. As a result, no one will be able to see what you are doing on the Internet.

Plus, the service is backed by cutting-edge technologies that shield your internet activity from hackers and malware over public wifi. Also, it helps you to block annoying ads.

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Moreover, Nord VPN has a total number of 5477 servers available in 59 countries. And the number continues to grow. As a result, you will be able to unblock any of the online websites pretty easily. Also, they do not have a logging policy. So your internet activities are safe.

Also, the best part of Nord VPN is that you will be able to secure up to 6 devices with a single Nord VPN account. And there are apps available for multiple platforms.

What’s more? It comes with affordable pricing too, which will go easy on your pocket. Also, the best part is that they do come with 30 days of money-back guarantee.


  • Kill switch.
  • Allow P2P and torrenting.
  • More than 5,400+ servers.


  • Torrenting is only supported on some servers.
  • OpenVPN configuration isn’t user-friendly.
  • Don’t have phone support.

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3. FastestVPN

FastestVPN is a top choice for torrenting enthusiasts due to its P2P optimized servers, unlimited bandwidth and data, and strict no-logs policy. With a dedicated network of servers optimized for peer-to-peer file sharing, users can enjoy fast and reliable connections while torrenting.


The unlimited bandwidth and data ensure uninterrupted torrenting sessions, allowing for the seamless sharing and downloading of large files. FastestVPN’s strict no-logs policy adds an extra layer of privacy and anonymity, ensuring that users’ torrenting activities remain private and protected.

Overall, FastestVPN provides a secure and efficient environment for torrenting, making it an ideal VPN service for those looking to engage in P2P file sharing.


  • Impressive Connection Speeds
  • Robust Security Features
  • Multi-Device Support


  • Limited Payment Options

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4. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN is also one of the top VPN providers available on the internet, which comes with lots of features. First of all, it also comes with 256-Bit Encryption. As a result, it protects your activity to the next level, and it becomes hard for anyone to penetrate the security.

Also, if you are someone who often uses public wifi, then you will also be getting public wifi security. As you already know that hackers can easily access your computer when you are using public wifi or free wifi. But as you will be using a VPN, so the hackers won’t be able to access your service.

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Ivacy VPN

In addition to that, it is also offering you no logs policy. Most of the VPN providers sell your data to third parties. So they can be aware of your online habits. But as they do not record your activities at all. So your internet activities are 100% protected.

You will also be able to enjoy buffer-free streaming. Often our ISP throttles our speed. As a result, we do not get the internet speed which was promised to us. However, with this VPN, you will be able to get unlimited speed.


  • Good Speed.
  • A True No Logging Policy
  • Good Customer Service


  • Singapore Has Been Confirmed as a “Five Eyes” Partner
  • No TOR or Proxy Compatibility

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5. CyberGhost VPN

Up next, I have the CyberGhost VPN. This one is also one of the most popular VPN service providers available out there. With this VPN service, you will be able to stream and browse content without any limitations.

It allows you to bypass geo locations, closedowns, and digital censorships pretty easily. Moreover, you will be able to access blocked websites, enjoy safe P2P torrenting, unblock streaming services, and so on.

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Even it also helps you to shield your personal data from the eyes of hackers and authorities. CyberGhost VPN does it by hiding your IP address, and it protects your online identity. Also, it has a no-logs policy, so you can always be hidden.

You can also use this VPN for securing your bank transactions, and you are getting military-grade encryption.

Even it offers you support for multiple devices like Firestick, Google Chrome, Windows, Mac, Linux, and smartphone devices. Moreover, it also comes with affordable pricing, which will go easy on your pocket.


  • Value for money.
  • Dedicated P2P profile and server for torrenting.
  • It can unblock Netflix, Hulu, etc.


  • Only live chat & email support are available.
  • Limited payment options.
  • Not the fastest VPN.

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6. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN is one of the most trusted VPN service providers in the world. It is fast, secure, and reliable and comes with some of amazing features.

With this service, you will be able to access top streaming services around the whole globe and watch your favorite shows and movies.

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Along with that, it comes with a blazing-fast and reliable VPN connection for streaming and downloading from anywhere in the world. Along with that, you are getting a publically audited No Log VPN. This means they do not keep any of your personal details with them.

Plus, you will get a high level of encryption as they offer you AES 256-bit encryption. Plus, you will be getting DNS protection. Also, there is a personalized kill switch that helps you to keep your data safe even if the connection gets broken.

It also comes with one of the most affordable VPN pricing available on the internet. Plus, they do have more than 70 server locations to choose from.



  • It offers AES-256 encryption over OpenVPN, along with several different protocols.
  • It is located in a secure privacy jurisdiction (Switzerland).


  • Pricing & available payment option.
  • The basic plan does not include Chameleon (obfuscation) protocol.

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7. PureVPN

You can also check out PureVPN. This one is also one of the Best VPNs for Torrent browsing. With the help of this one, you will no longer have to deal with regional restrictions. As a result, you can access and explore any website or service on the internet.

The service is also backed by cutting-edge servers that deliver you pretty great speed. So you can stream your content smoothly and without buffering.

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Along with that, the VPN service is backed by a large pool of 300,000+ IPs and 2,000+ servers. So you can choose from multiple locations and stay secure online. Even the best part is that it comes with unlimited bandwidth. So you do not have to worry about and limited and download unlimited torrents.

As you will be using the service for torrenting, it is offering P2P networks. So you will be able to download torrents through a secure server. Along with that, you are also getting DNS leak protection and a bunch of other features.


  • 2000+ servers in 140+ countries
  • PureVPN can unblock premium streaming services.
  • Built-in ads blocker.


  • Slow Download Speed.
  • Their No Logs Policy Isn’t Completely True

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8. SurfShark

Up next, I have the SurfShark. This one is also one of the most popular VPN services available on the internet. And it offers users a bunch of features who wish to stream and download files online.

First of all, SurfShark is user-friendly. The servers are optimized for the best downloading speed. Along with that, you will be getting diamond-strong encryption for privacy. It is even backed by a Kill Switch so in case if the VPN connection drops. It will disconnect you from the internet and make sure your data is always safe.

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It also has a whitelist. So you can white list some apps or websites to bypass the VPN connection. It also includes a clean web feature. This feature helps you to get rid of ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts.

Moreover, the VPN service also allows you to access unlimited devices. So you can connect to as many devices as you wish at the same time. And yes, you will be getting simultaneous connections.

What’s more? The VPN service has support for multiple devices, and you are getting 1040+ servers located in 61+ countries.


  • Zero-logging policies & customer support is fantastic.
  • Unlimited bandwidth & fantastic speed.
  • It can unblock Netflix and Hulu.


  • Limited P2P servers.
  • Torrenting speed is slow.

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9. IPVanish VPN

If you are looking for one of the most affordable yet Best VPNs for Torrent, then do check out IPvanish VPN. The pricing is pretty competitive and goes easy on your pocket. Also, this VPN service is recommended by many online publications, and it is one of the most trusted VPN services available out there.

This VPN service will make your real IP address disappear so that your online activity cannot be tracked by anyone. Along with that, they do have a strict zero-logs policy. This means they will not record any of your activities while you are browsing the internet.

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Furthermore, it also helps you to bypass regional restrictions. So you can browse the internet in the purest way. Moreover, IPVanish VPN itself manages its entire network. And they have over 1,300+ anonymous servers which deliver fast and unrestricted Internet access to every corner of the globe.

As well as the best part of them is that they support up to 10 devices. And for all the devices, you will be getting simultaneous connections.


  • Fast speed & decent working app.
  • Strong encryption & zero-log policies.
  • Download the free SHOCKS5 proxy.


  • Only a few servers unblock Netflix.
  • Customer support is slow.

Get 71% OFF on IPVanish


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Using VPNs Safe?

Yes, using VPNs is safe unless you’ve downloaded a trustworthy VPN app on your device. If you’re using some other VPN provider, then don’t forget to check their privacy for what data they store.

Can I Use a Free VPN On My Device?

Yes, you can use free VPNs on your device. But when it comes to security and reliability, free VPNs keep some logs, they don’t have strong encryption to make your connection secure, and they aren’t able to hide your identity truly.

Is VPN Illegal?

No, it is perfectly legal to use VPNs in most countries, including the United States. but anything that’s illegal without a VPN remains illegal when using one (e.g., torrenting copyrighted material).


So those were the Best VPNs for Torrents. All of these VPN services have their own pros and cons. So go ahead and check out their plans, offerings, and pricing and see which one is working the best for you.

Our tests purely depend upon our usage and ranking factors, including Speed Test, Platform Availability, Censorship, etc. And if you’re using some other VPN provider, mention the name in the comment section below and also mention the Pros & Cons.

Also, if you have any more questions to ask, do feel free to comment below.

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All the information which is published on our website is collected through independent testing and research and the data is being verified through consultation with reliable sources.
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