SurfShark Black Friday – Get 85% OFF and 3 Months Free

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Are you looking for the best surfshark black friday deals and coupons to save on your surfshark VPN purchase? If yes, then here I’m with the attractive offers of SurfShark on this black friday deal.

SurfShark is one of the best VPN you will ever find on this VPN black friday.

Truly, their service is totally different from any other.

Especially this year, SurfShark is providing the best overwhelming guaranteed jaw-dropping discount of 85% to its customers. It is the biggest saving as there are no other deals which you can choose with such a reduction in price.

The reason why most of the customers go for this VPN is that they provide top-notch service such as extremely fast speeds, utmost security, and most importantly, they provide plans within your means.

Trust me, they are not at all expensive!

So go and check their website.

During these VPN Black Friday sales, all of their features can be bought at a much lesser price than their retail price.
Even though the price got reduced to a great extent, the features didn’t. This year 2024 it is providing a guaranteed 83% discount on all its features.

So I’m sure this deal will catch your eye.

To prepare you for the Black Friday deals, we have listed everything that you must know about the sale such as the dates, current deals and so much you can buy right now.

So now, let us get straight into the unbelievable deals of Surfshark Black Friday Deals 2024!


SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

What deal does the SurfShark Black Friday provide and how much is it going to benefit you?

Generally, other VPNs provide their deals around the range of 40%-50% discount, but Surfshark Black Friday deals offer you a guaranteed 85% discount on their features. Also, their retail plans are somewhere between $11.95 if you chose the monthly plan, and in the case of the 12 months plan, it would cost you around $5.99.

Hence, it will be a huge benefit for you if you would consider this huge deal.  These very limited festive SurfShark coupons, which you can avail of, will provide you a 12-month plan at an 85% discounted price.

That is, you have to pay only $1.99 per month. Isn’t it huge? So what features does the Surfshark Black Friday Deals 2024 provide?

As I have already mentioned, you can avail all the cool features just like any other premium VPN providers provide in their deals, but the difference is just a cheaper price.

SurfShark Black Friday – Get 85% OFF + 3 Month Extra Free

If you’re looking for the best deal on SurfShark, then on this black friday, if you use this coupon code you can save flat 85% OFF on your VPN subscription along with 3-month extra validity for free. This coupon code is exclusively valid only on black friday.

And to claim this offer, simply click on the “Get 85% OFF” button below and it instantly active the coupon code for you, and then on the SurfShark page, it will show the discounted price to you.

SurfShark Black Friday – Get 85% OFF on VPN

This is another coupon code of SurfShark which you can claim during the ongoing black friday sale. You can use this coupon code to instantly get 85% OFF on their orders – but you’ll not get any extra validity like you’re getting in the above coupon code.

And claiming this coupon code is also simple like the previous one. Just click on the button below and the coupon code is instantly activated for you!

SurfShark Cyber Monday – Get 85% OFF + 3 Month Extra Free

If you’re looking for the surfshark cyber monday deal, then this coupon code is for you. By using this cyber monday discount coupon, you can instantly save 85% OFF on the SurfShark VPN. This coupon code is only valid on cyber monday.

Activating the coupon code is simple, you just need to click on the button below and it will automatically activate the discount code for you on the surfshark website.

SurfShark Cyber Monday – Get 85% OFF on VPN

This is another coupon code which is valid on cyber monday. This coupon code can help you to save 85% OFF on the surfshark VPN deal but with using this coupon code, you can’t get any other offer like extra 3 months validity for free.

Still, this is another most preferable discount coupon which you can grab on this day. Simply click on the button below and it will activate the discount coupon for you.

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How to Activate SurfShark Black Friday Voucher in 2024

Not sure how to activate the SurfShark black friday discount & voucher?

Don’t worry!

Here in this guide, I’m also going to cover “activating surfshark black friday offer”.

First of all, to activate the surfshark black friday vpn offer, click on this link. It will activate the discount coupon for you and then redirect you to the surfshark official website from where you can directly buy the VPN subscription at the greatest price ever offered by them.

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SurfShark Homepage

Once you’re on their website, click on the red-colored button “Get SurfShark VPN” or “Buy Now“. When you click the button, it will further send you to the pricing page, where your discount coupon is already applied in your account.

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SurfShark Pricing

Once you’re on the pricing page, it will show you three different pricing. You can choose any of these pricing according to your needs.

But if you ask me, I’ll recommend you to choose the 24-month plan because it will offer you the most discounted price as compared with an annual and monthly subscription.

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SurfShark – Create Account

Once you choose the plan according to your needs, the 2nd step is to enter your email details to create an account on the website. So enter your email account in the 2nd step.

Once you do and reach to the 3rd step, it will ask you to add their add-ons module if you like to. The addons module helps you more to hide your footprints while browsing online.

SurfShark Addons

  • HackLock: It is one of the best addons I ever saw with any VPN. The HackLock will prevent you or notify you if your email address is found in any leaked databases.
  • BlindSearch: It is similar to DuckDuckGo. It helps you to search privately and efficiently with no ads and no logs.

In my case, I’ve chosen them and I’ll recommend you to select these addons if you want – but if you’re not a privacy concerned person, you can leave them and use DuckDuckGo for a private search.

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SurfShark – Payment Page

Once you have done selecting the addons, now move towards to step 4 which is selecting the payment and completing the subscription.

Now select the payment method according to your needs. I’m getting PayPal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, as my payment options  – the payment methods will also get changed as per your location.

So choose the payment method, you’re comfortable with and then click on the “Complete Purchase” button for making the payment.

Bingo! Now you successfully make the payment for your VPN subscription.


About SurfShark

SurfShark is the newcomer in the market and it strongly grabs the user’s attention by providing tons of benefits and military-grade security along with the capability to unlock each and every website – including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The VPN can unblock all.

When our dedicated team checked the VPN, we just loved using it and the VPN also has “Kill Switch” which is another best part about this VPN. It helps me to secure myself from the 5, 9, and 14 eyes alliances.

Apart from this, during our test, we loved using torrenting with this VPN – as it can provide us with the super-fast downloading speed with no lags as other VPNs do.

They are one of the cheapest VPN with tons of useful features – even more than some other VPNs which are costlier than this one. They also have 1040+ servers in 61+ countries with private DNS and no log policies which makes it more trustworthy than any other VPN.

Features of SurfShark

Here I’m sharing some of the most exclusive features of surfshark and why it is the best deal on this black friday.

  • This is a newcomer VPN – but still, it grabbed the user’s attention by providing more features than a regular VPN – so the chances are, you’ll get a lot more useful features in nearby future.
  • The VPN offers its service at the cheapest price as possible – and here the cheapest means without compromising on the quality.
  • They’ve more than 1040+ servers in 61+ countries (as of writing this post) and they’re constantly increasing.
  • The VPN can literally unblock everything. It can also include unblocking censored websites and geo-blocked content like Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • The VPN has solid integrity with its hardware and software and provide you with military-grade security 256 bit-AES encryption.

Pricing of SurfShark

Now, some of you might be thinking, what is the cost of SurfShark VPN? Well, it depends on the plan you’re getting this black friday. Normally they offer 3 different pricing structure – monthly, 12-months, and 24-months.

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SurfShark Pricing

If you’re looking to get SurfShark just for one month, then it will cost you as same as other VPNs offer you. The price for one month VPN is $11.95 – but when you choose the 12months and 24 months plan, you see that they’re offering a huge discount on their plans.

As you can see, you will get the highest discount on long-term VPN plans, So, I will highly recommend you to add a 24months VPN in the cart.


Why Choose SurfShark

These features include more than 1700 servers in more than 63 countries, multi-hop, no logs, ad-block, malware protection, powerful AES-256 bit encryption, Killswitch, robust protocols, and what not!

The coolest feature is that it unblocks several streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and even BBC iPlayer.

Hence, you can travel to the US or 15 other countries without leaving your couch and enjoy the best streaming services like these.

With a feature called CleanWeb, you can prevent the entry of malware and phishing attempts for your security and also block trackers and ads.

Also, it is compatible with any device.

You can use it on Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, and even other browsers. Isn’t it worth your money?

Besides all these fabulous features, it also provides unlimited simultaneous connections, which means, you can on one subscribed plan, you can secure as many devices as you want to.

All you need to download their apps and use Surfshark on all your family’s devices. Also, it supports P2P and torrenting. Hence, there are no restrictions at all. This handy feature also lets selected apps or websites bypass VPN connections as a result it is very much secured for banking purposes.

Also, another cool feature is that it has Kill Switch which disables your connection if your VPN connection drops, and in this way, you will be shielded 100% of the time.

If you aren’t sure whether or not to avail it, you can still purchase as it also provides a 30-day refund policy. Hence, no need to worry if you don’t feel like using it.

That means, use it and if you still aren’t convinced, return it within 30 days. Apart from all this, it has the best customer service. It provides 24/7 live chat support to its customers.

Why Should You Choose SurfShark?

Here’s a quick recap to the benefits arising out of the usage of the best deals of Surfshark:

  • More than 15 best streaming platforms can be unblocked such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on.
  • Whitelist feature included to let selected apps or websites bypass VPN connection.
  • Cleanweb includes preventing malware or phishing attempts from getting to you. Also, no trackers or adds can reach you because of this.
  • Has a strict no-logs policy. Your activity isn’t monitored or logged when you connect.
  • Has industry-leading encryption. This makes your data more secure and private.
  • Kill switch enabled. Hence, your interconnection will be stopped if your VPN drops. That way you are shielded 100% of the time.
  • Only 1 subscription needed to cover every gadget. Hence, all your family members can use it
  • Compatible on any devices with 30-day refund policy
  • Best customer service and 24/7 live chat supports for the customers

Wrapping Up!

So, is it convincing enough?

If yes, then make sure you avail of this exclusive limited super Surfshark Black Friday Deal 2024 before it ends.

All you need to do is go to their site, and that’s it!

You are done!  It is valid until November 2024. And an 83% discount is a big deal indeed!  Let nothing stop you from getting the best out of the rest. That too on the 24 months plan!

I’m sure this is the only deal available out there with so much included at such a low price. So hurry before this deal ends.

Also, make sure to leave a comment in the comment box provided down below if you have any queries or further suggestions.


If you don’t feel that surfshark black friday 2024 deal is for you, then you can check plenty of other best black friday deals from NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and from few more VPN providers.

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