How to Bypass Facebook Verification Process in 2020

Are you worried about the facebook verification process in your account and want to bypass it? Most of the time, we have to suffer from the facebook verification process, and we don’t find any proper way to avoid these verification processes.

Recently some of my colleagues suffer from the same issue, and they tried few methods listed on Google, but none of the facebook bypass tricks isn’t working for them and sooner, they find a way to bypass those restrictions using some simple steps.

So I thought why not publish this trick on Google and help thousands of peoples who suffer from the same issue. So here I’m with this facebook verification bypass steps that will help you to regain access to your account.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purposes only. 

What is Facebook Photo Verification Process?

The facebook photo verification is a type of verification in which facebook puts your facebook account on verification and ask for the confirmation. You’ve to verify your account using Photo Verification or by submitting your government-valid proof.

And as you know, facebook photo verification is one of the toughest verification processes, so you’ve to depend on some other reliable methods that work to regain access to your facebook account.

At this moment, we use some tricks to verify and bypass the facebook account verification.

Why Use Facebook Verification Bypass Methods?

When facebook puts your account on photo verification, it is tough to regain access to that account. You can only get access if you have a limited number of friends, but when you have got a lot of friends, it is hard to gain access to your facebook account.

So this is why we have to use various facebook verification methods to bypass the facebook verification process.

How to Bypass Facebook Account & Photo Verification

If you’re suffering from the facebook account verification process, then bypassing the photo verification isn’t a hard process. You just need to follow the steps carefully (as this method works for my colleagues) to gain access to your facebook account.

Once you followed all the steps carefully, you can easily bypass the facebook photo verification in your device.

So in this guide, I’m using the mentioned things to bypass photo verification in my account.

  • ExpressVPN (as it works for my colleague. You can get 49% OFF on ExpressVPN by clicking here)
  • Facebook Account with Photo or Phone Verification
  • Smartphone.

Depends upon the facebook verification type, we have two methods to bypass the verification.

  • Photo & Government ID Verification
  • Phone Number Verification

In this guide, well discuss on both photo & phone number verification. You just have to follow the same steps to regain access to your facebook ID.

Method 1: Photo & Government ID Verification Bypass

In this verification method, we’ll talk about how you can bypass the photo and government ID verification in your account. The steps are easy, and you can quickly gain access to your account within a few minutes.

For photo & government ID verification, we’re going to use ExpressVPN (as this is the only VPN provider we tested, and it works for my colleague too). You can grab 49% OFF on ExpressVPN using these coupon codes.

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

This VPN can help in blocking WebRTC leakage and DNS leak protection, so you’ll remain completely undetectable, and this is how this verification bypass method works.

Get 49% OFF on ExpressVPN

Note: We’re not sure if this method works with any other VPN providers but if you already own any VPN service, try this method with it and make sure if your VPN can completely block WebRTC & DNS leak.

If you’re not able to bypass the facebook verification with your existing VPN service, then I would suggest you try the same steps with ExpressVPN.

Once you purchased the ExpressVPN license, you need to install their application on your device and then log in to your account. (You’ve to login using the same Email ID & Password you used during the signup process at ExpressVPN.

If you’re using Android, download this app

If you’re using IOS, download this app

‎ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN
‎ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN
Developer: ExpressVPN
Price: Free+

and if you’re using some other device, you can visit ExpressVPN download page here to download their app on your device.

Once you downloaded the app and logged in using the Email & Password you used during the signup process at ExpressVPN, now open the ExpressVPN app and click on the “Japan” proxy to connect to the proxy. It will now ask for confirmation, “allow” it and you’re connected to the Japan VPN.

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

You can connect to any of the mentioned servers in Japan (This method works with every japan server)

  • Japan – Tokyo – 3
  • Japan – Yokohama
  • Japan – Tokyo – 2
  • Japan – Tokyo – 1

Now as you can see that I’m connected with the Japan server.

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

Similarly, You’ve to follow the same steps and connect with the “Japan” server. Once you’re connected with the Japan server, verify your location using our “my IP address checker” tool (IMPORTANT) to assure that you’re connected with Japan server.

Now open your web browser and type in the address bar and it will open facebook mobile version website in your device. Now you’ve to log in to your blocked facebook account.

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

As you’re connected with the Japan proxy, when you log in to your account it will automatically open the phone number verification page from where you can easily bypass the verification using your phone number. Just click on “verify using the mobile number” and enter your country code and mobile number in the given box on the facebook.

For example; If you live in the USA, enter (+1) as country code following with your mobile number and click on “Get OTP” to receive OTP verification on your mobile number.

Bingo! you successfully bypassed the facebook verification process.

Method 2: Phone Number Verification Bypass

In method #1, we discussed bypassing the photo and government ID verification and in this method, we’ll share how you can easily bypass the phone number verification in your facebook account.

We truly can’t bypass the phone number verification but we use few temporary numbers to bypass the phone number restrictions.

This method is similar to the above step, but with few more tweaks and we will show you how you can bypass phone number verification in facebook.

So if you want to bypass the phone number verification, download the textPlus app from your apple or play store. This app lets you create a free disposable mobile number.

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

This is a free app and it will help you to get a disposable phone number easily. Once you downloaded the application, log in using your Gmail account and click on “Get Number“.

Once you logged in to your account, you can easily choose your custom phone number and you can also use that number to send and receive text messages free of cost.

After you get your personal number from textPlus app, again open your ExpressVPN and connect to Japan server (you’ve to follow exactly same steps we followed in Method #1. 

bypass facebook verification, bypass facebook number verification, working facebook bypass method

Once you’re connected with the Japan proxy, again open in your browser and log in to your account. It will now open the facebook verification page, click on the “Verify Phone Number” and enter your textPlus disposable number.

I don’t think you face any kind of issues following this step, as we followed the same step in method 1 of photo verification.

Now verify your OTP and Bingo! You’re done bypassing the facebook phone verification.

Wrapping Up

You’ll find thousands of method to bypass the facebook verification but not every method works with every facebook account. When we tested this method with the blocked ID of my colleague, it worked perfectly.

To make these steps work perfectly with your account, you need to follow all the above steps carefully and again this tutorial is for educational purposes only.

If you still have any question then let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. This doesn’t work that easily. I was just trying to sign up for a facebook account and they insist they want my photo, for a brand new account, so they couldn’t possibly identify it by a photo because I’ve never been able to do anything on it, I can’t get any further than them insisting they want a photo. I already verified my mobile number. I’ve followed the VPN steps, used Japan, etc. Still every single time, they want my photo.

    • Hello Mizzy,

      This verification method only works when your account is blocked, and it asks you to verify the photos of your friends (If you’ve few friends in your ID, then you can easily bypass this type of verification, but when you’ve more than thousands of friend then it is a hard process to verify it using photo verification).

      So at this moment, you can try this method to bypass the photo verification procedure and regain access to your Facebook account.


  2. So there is no way to actually join Facebook without sending them a photo, which relates to nothing they can prove anyway because the account is empty, having just been created? Because I have tried this method, repeatedly to just get into the account beyond the sign in page. I have been able to do nothing except sign in, which takes me to a page where they ask me to send them a photo

    • Facebook is getting strict day by day, and if you’ve recently created your account, then I would suggest you either send the photo for verification or create a new account (but this time using any VPN provider who blocks WebRTC request. You can use NordVPN, IPVanish or ExpressVPN for this purpose).

      But next time, please use any real profile pic or any human picture in your profile picture, so you’ll not get these types of restrictions in the future.

  3. Peter, do you know if this still works? I was hacked, so I’ve been trying to set up a new account, but they’re making life difficult!


    • Hello Cody,

      I’m not sure if it works with hacked account because most of the time hacker change the account details but if you’ve been hacked and still have access to your Facebook ID & Password, then login to your account and then go to (if it works) to regain access.

      And if you’re not able to regain access to your device, submit your identity proof to the Facebook team for manual verification.

  4. Didn’t work for me unfortunately. I had already put in my phone number before downloading the VPN and it’s still asking me for a photo ID upload with the VPN running 🙁

    • Because the last time we checked, the method only works with the Japan server. I don’t know if it works with any other countries because all the other countries which I tried don’t support bypassing using OTP.


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